Our Staff

Kathryn Churchward
Paula Caston
Assistant Director
Eve Koke
 Toddler Teacher
Melissa Hernandez
 Assistant Toddler Teacher
Renee Montes
 Twos Teacher
Marisol Angel
 Twos Teacher
Nancy Mitchell
 Threes Teacher
Kristin Deal
Pre-K Teacher

Our Philosophy

We believe that young children best learn with their whole body, which is why we teach to engage the child's imagination, mind, physical, emotional and spiritual self. We believe most effective learning happens in a safe, loving environment. By providing an environment of love and encouragement, we help foster independence, personal growth,  problem solving and social competency.
Our curriculum is a blend of developmentally appropriate/play based, thematic, Montessori and structured instruction.  The curriculum is designed to engage all domains of learning (cognitive, language, physical, social/emotional and spiritual) everyday. This is accomplished through activities that are focused on self-directed play like themed dramatic play, activities that help support fine/gross motor skills, reasoning, and decision making, as well as teacher led activities that include literacy activities, math, and worksheets to help support learning.

Our Curriculum


We know that the foundations of solid language development and early literacy start from birth. Students will gain experience through new vocabulary, written language, and auditory exposure. 


We know that a young child's brain is rapidly growing, so we focus on activities and experiences that help develop problem solving, thinking, communicating and make higher level connections.


We know that social and emotional maturity can have a great impact throughout our lives. However, knowing how to regulate and identify emotions and work out problems with peers is a learned skill. Teachers help facilitate conversations and train children so they can independently work through situations on their own.


We know that young children have a great need for physical movement. We ensure everyday the children have an outlet to move and grow both their fine and gross motor skills.


We know that God created people in part to be spiritual. Teachers naturally talk about God as it pertains to the lesson and we have chapel weekly.

Curricular Samples

Toddler Class

Twos Class

Threes Class

Fours Class

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